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Melamchi is a small village in the district of Sindhupalchok, Eastern Nepal. It is one of the many villages devastated by the 7.8 scale earthquake which struck in April 2015. Over 80% of all buildings were either completely destroyed or severely damaged. Immediately after the earthquake, many families fled to the perceived safety of the capital city, Kathmandu. By July, families were returning and the markets reopening, the slow process of recovery began. The local municipality assigned a large area alongside the river to house displaced families. They reside in temporary shelters constructed from sheet metal and scraps reclaimed from their destroyed homes. The shelters are not weather-proof, making them unfit for the current monsoon season, or the impending winter. The monsoon brings with it landslides and heavy rainfall, cutting communities off from available supplies and aid.

A non-profit organisation, All Hands Volunteers (, is currently based in Melamchi. All Hands are prioritizing the most vulnerable members of the community, helping them clear their destroyed home and rebuild a fit-for-purpose shelter.

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