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A 5 days boat journey starting in Pucallpa to reach one of the most isolated cities in the world, Iquitos, in the Peruvian Amazon.

The only ways to access the city are either catching a national flight, or boat rides from both Yurimaguas or Pucallpa.

Being it the cheapest and most affordable transportation, hundreds of people every week move along Rio Amazona to reach their isolated home villages or for work purposes creating floating communities where kids play together, older guys gather around alcohol and card games and elders share life stories. 

Hammocks are the main sleeping choice but, due to lack of space, mattresses or blankets on the floor can be found to fit the several families traveling. Some basic food, rice chicken and platano, is served three times a day by the cooks who work incessantly to satisfy the large amount of people that the boat accommodate.

Delays are often part of the journey which sometimes can last up to more than a week if the river has a low amount of water and, in the dark of the night or in the thick fog, sand can't be seen and the boat get stuck.

But eventually the boats arrive at the port of Iquitos and people slowly disembark leaving behind only the signs of this long journey.  

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