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One thing I love about portraits is the intimacy created with the subject, it's all about understanding, trust and comfort... it's a constant challenge! 

You always have to deal with different cultures and different personalities, you must reinvent yourself all the time, find the key to connect... and it has to be quick otherwise the moment is gone, forever. It's all about instinct... something clicks inside and you're into the scene, living it, you're completely merged with it and that's when you have to be ready and shoot, cause that's when the magic happens. 

Time stops, the world around you stops, it's just you and the subjects. 

It's like being in a bubble, an independent ecosystem, it's a dance of energies. 

In that moment there's no culture, class or religion difference, you're one thing with the person that is in front of you and the only thing that matters is to freeze the moment, freeze that feeling, that emotion... forever. 

All it matters is to make it immortal.

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